Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Origami Art

Today a man from India came to teach us some awesome origami art. It was amazing watching him pull the the top and it made a flower or a tower or a doll pattern and an amazing streamer.
You only need scissors and paper. Tissue paper is a good idea because it is bright and colourful

Here are some pictures of the things he made:
Here is the Huge Streamer he made!

This could be turned into a fan or even a wheel!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Fractions Time

Room 8 has been learning about fractions.
Here are some photos. Talk to me about what we have learnt.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Attributes Maths Time

Room 8 kids have been learning the attributes of blocks. We know that they are size, colour, corners and sides. Playing the attribute game is FUN!!!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Canada Day in Room 8

Canada Day was such fun in Room 8 because my grandma in Canada sent a pencil and flag for every child. The pencil had a Canada flag on it. We waved our flags like crazy then we put our flags in our tote trays.  At the end of  the day we took our flags home. When we got home I played some Canadian games. Then I played with my brother.
Room 08 says "Thanks for the flags and pencils grandma.'
by Logan


On Saturday I went to netball and we played three games . We went early in the morning we were shivering because it was frosty. We  had to warm up so we could catch  the ball. The whistle blew. The game started. We won the first game, not the second game.  But we won the last game. We got lollies at the end. It was a fun day.

by Jodi

Parkvale School Disco

On Friday there was a disco I danced a lot . I ate some lollies. They were yummy. My favourite song was Hey Soul Sister. My dad stayed there for all of the disco. I had  a lot of fun.  I bought some chips after the disco. My dad did not want to dance. He does not like dancing in public .

by Madelaine

Making Book Buddies

On Monday Room 8 started making their book buddies. We had yellow pieces of paper and traced around the piece of paper. Then we drew around it in our draft books. My one is a creeper of a game called minecraft. My creeper has a mod with cool hair on the back and squares, circles and triangles. We are going to use some material and we are going to sew our book buddies together. I'm going to read books to my book buddy.

by Rory